🌻 Pollen Forecast API

This is a free API that provides you with endpoints to query the pollen forecast for Germany. It uses data provided by the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD).


You don't need an API key to use API. The upstream data gets refreshed only once per day, so please don't hammer the server with requests.

You can run all examples by clicking on the URL in the code block. This will fetch an actual response from the server. Which means I never have to update this documentation, yay!

Get available regions

Returns a list of all regions for which pollen forecasts exist. These can be used to fetch the reports for all subregions of a region (see below)

Get available subregions

Returns a list of all subregions for which pollen forecasts exist. These can be used to query a single forecast for a subregion (see below).

Fetch forecast for region

Returns a list of pollen forecasts for all subregions of a region.

Note: Some regions don't have a subregion. In this case the region is treated as its own singular subregion. This means, however, that in these cases you will always get back an array with only one forecast. For convenience, these regions can also be queried using the subregion endpoint to get back a single result (without the wrapping array).

Fetch forecast for subregion

Returns a single pollen forecast for a subregion.

Fetch all data

Returns forecasts for all regions and their subregions.

Warning: It's quite a lot of JSON.